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CARRIERE DESIGN AND PRODUCTION, S.L. – NIF: B54669205 Dir. postal: POL. IND. TORRETA RIO, C/ LA TORRETA, 10 C.P. 03600 ELDA (ALICANTE) Phone: 965472746 Email: info@gabrielamoll.com

“We process all details provided by Users on behalf of the company for the purpose of providing and billing for any services requested. All details provided shall be retained while there is an ongoing commercial relationship or for as long as required to comply with legal obligations. No details provided shall be shared with any third parties except in the event of existing legal obligations. Users shall be entitled to obtain information regarding whether CARRIERE DESIGN AND PRODUCTION, S.L. is processing their personal details. Therefore, you shall have access to your personal details, to modify any incorrect details or to request that these are removed when no longer necessary.

For the purposes of dealing with any issues concerning this process, CARRIERE DESIGN AND PRODUCTION, S.L. has enabled the email address info@gabrielamoll.com that shall be linked to those responsible and shall remain independent from other types of communications to be implemented by the management.

1. Legal information and acceptance.

These stipulations shall govern the use of the online Shop services provided by the website www.gabrielamoll.com (hereinafter, the ‘Shop’) made available by the firm CARRIERE DESIGN AND PRODUCTION, S.L., (hereinafter, ‘GABRIELA MOLL’) for Internet users. GABRIELA MOLL is a Spanish firm incorporated for an indefinite period, with registered address in Elda (Alicante), at Torreta 10; its corporate purpose is the manufacture and trade of all types of footwear, handbags and any further leather related accessories. Should you have any queries or requests, please contact us by phone on: (+34) 965472746, or by email at: info@gabrielamoll.com. Access to the website is free of charge, except in regards to the cost of Internet service providers subscriptions paid by Users in order to connect them to the telecommunications network. Our website includes restricted areas for the exclusive use of registered customers. These website areas shall only be accessible to customers who have previously registered with the Shop. Any individuals who use the Shop shall be considered Users (hereinafter, ‘Users’) and their use shall imply acceptance of all the terms and conditions included in the ‘Privacy Policy’ that is currently available at this address. Any services supplied by the Shop shall have a limited duration to coincide with the period during which Users are connected to the Shop or to any of the services provided therein. Therefore, Users must carefully read our Privacy Policy before accessing the Shop in order to use its services on each occasion, since the terms and conditions included in this Privacy Policy may be subject to modifications.

2. Intellectual and industrial property.

www.gabrielamoll.com is an Online Shop owned by GABRIELA MOLL to provide different information and online product sales services to visitors. By visiting and using the Shop, Users acknowledge the rights of its owner to modify or suspend the web pages available, the Website as a whole, or to delete either temporarily or permanently any details provided at any time and without prior notice, nor assuming any responsibility towards Users. In this manner, Users hereby hold GABRIELA MOLL exempt from any liabilities for any information deleted or that may have failed to save, inaccurate contents or any other circumstances concerning the information available at their Website. All Shop contents, including but not limited to its text, photographs, graphics, images, icons, technology, software, links and other audible or audiovisual contents, as well as its graphic design and source code (hereinafter, the ‘Contents’) are part of the intellectual property owned by either GABRIELA MOLL or any other third parties (and used by GABRIELA MOLL by prior authorisation). Users shall not be granted with any of the rights of use acknowledged by current intellectual property legislation except where strictly required in order to use the Shop. Access to the Shop does not imply under any circumstances any rights towards the trademarks, commercial brands and/ or distinctive signs displayed therein.

3. Shop terms and conditions for use.

3.1 General.

Users undertake to use the Shop correctly in conformity with applicable legislation and this Privacy Policy. Users shall be liable towards GABRIELA MOLL or any third parties for any damages that may arise as a consequence of breaching the above obligation. Likewise, when ordering products through the Online Shop, Users shall be subject to the terms and conditions in force at any time, and they undertake to comply with the terms and conditions established at any time. It shall be strictly forbidden to use the Website for any detrimental means towards any property or interests held by GABRIELLA MOLL or any third parties or to overload, damage or disable the networks, servers and any further IT equipment (hardware) or IT products and applications (software) owned by GABRIELA MOLL or such third parties.

3.2 Contents.

Users undertake to use the Contents in conformity with applicable legislation, the current terms and conditions and this Privacy Policy. Pursuant to current legislation, Users shall avoid the following actions, including but not limited to:

  • Reproducing, copying, distributing, making available, publicly broadcasting, transforming or modifying the Contents, except where authorised by law or by express consent from either GABRIELA MOLL or the owners of the corresponding rights for their use.
  • Reproducing or any of the Contents that may be considered as part of the Software or Database for private use, in conformity with current legislation on intellectual property, as well as publicly broadcasting or making them available to third parties in the event that these actions imply their reproduction by User or any third party.
  • Extracting and/ or reusing all or a significant part of the Contents included in the Shop, as well as the databases made available to Users by GABRIELA MOLL.

3.3 Data collection forms.

Notwithstanding the stipulations included in clause 5 of this Privacy Policy, using certain services or sending specific requests to GABRIELA MOLL may be subject to completing the corresponding User request form in advance. All information provided by Users through our website contact forms for the above purposes or for any other reasons must be accurate. For these purposes, Users hereby guarantee the authenticity of all details provided, and they undertake to notify GABRIELA MOLL immediately regarding any updates on their current situation at all times. In either case, Users shall be solely responsible for any false or inaccurate statements made by them, as well as for any damages caused to either GABRIELA MOLL or any third parties due to the information provided by them. In order to provide their details to GABRIELA MOLL, Users shall likewise be required to have all authorisations demanded by current legislation in place at all times, and they shall remain liable towards GABRIELA MOLL and/or any third parties for any contingencies arising from their lack of authorisation.

3.4 Introducing links to the Shop.

Users who wish to introduce links in their own websites pointing towards the Shop must meet the requirements below. Failure to acknowledge these requirements shall not hold Users exempt from their legal obligations: Links shall only be directed towards the home page or the Shop’s main page. However, they shall not reproduce it in any manner (inline links, copied texts, graphics, etc.). Pursuant to current applicable legislation in force at any given time, it shall be forbidden in all cases to establish frames of any kind surrounding the Shop or allowing for the viewing of its Contents via Internet addresses other than those belonging to the Shop and, in either case, when these are displayed alongside any external contents in order that they may: (I) cause or intend to cause errors, confusion or mislead Users regarding the true origins of the service or Contents; (II) result in unfair comparison or imitation; (III) be intended to take advantage of GABRIELA MOLL’s reputation and prestige; or (IV) any other actions prohibited under current legislation. Any websites who may introduce a link shall not contain any false, inaccurate or incorrect statements regarding GABRIELA MOLL, its staff or the quality of the services provided. Under no circumstances shall the website state that GABRIELA MOLL has provided their consent to insert a link or that they otherwise sponsor, collaborate, verify or supervise the sender’s services. It shall be forbidden to use any word, graphic or mixed trademark or any other distinctive sign belonging to GABRIELA MOLL within the sender’s website, except where allowed by law or by express authorisation from GABRIELA MOLL, and always provided that a direct link to the Shop is also allowed in conformity with the above stipulations herein. Any websites establishing a link must strictly comply with all legislation and they shall not under any circumstances contain or link to own or third parties’ contents that: (I) are either illegal, harmful or contrary to moral values and decency; (II) imply or may imply the false notion that GABRIELA MOLL endorses, supports or adheres to in any manner the sender’s ideas, statements or claims, whether these are illegal or not; (III) are inadequate or not relevant to GABRIELA MOLL’s business in terms of location, contents and purpose of the sender’s website. Should Users detect any website containing illegal or inadequate contents who include a link to the Shop, they must notify GABRIELA MOLL who shall carry out the relevant investigations in order to undertake the required actions. Under no circumstances shall the presence of a link to the Shop either imply any agreement with those responsible for or owners of the website providing the link, nor that GABRIELA MOLL endorses, promotes or shares the views expressed in the statements, contents or services provided by that website. GABRIELA MOLL has no knowledge of the contents or services provided by such websites and, therefore, they shall not assume any liability for any damages caused by any potentially illegal, poor quality, outdated or unavailable, erroneous or ineffective contents and/ or services provided therein, or any other damages related thereto.

4. Liability waiver.

4.1 Service quality.

Access to the Shop does not imply any obligation by GABRIELA MOLL to control that it is free from any virus, worms or any other harmful IT elements. Users shall therefore be responsible at all times to ensure they have the adequate tools to detect and remove any harmful IT programmes. GABRIELA MOLL shall not be held responsible for any damages caused to IT equipment belonging to Users or any third parties during the services provided to them by the Shop.

4.2 Service availability.

Access to the Shop shall involve third party services and supplies, including via telecommunication network transfers whose reliability, quality, continuity and operation cannot be guaranteed by GABRIELA MOLL. Therefore, any services supplied via the Shop may be suspended, cancelled or become fully or partially inaccessible, either in a temporary or permanent manner, both prior or during the supply of services by the Shop. GABRIELA MOLL shall therefore assume no liability for any damages of any kind caused to Users due to faults or disconnection from the telecommunication networks that may result in the suspension, cancellation or interruption of Shop services either prior or during their supply.

4.3 Shop links to contents and services.

Shop access services include technical link devices, directories and also search engines that allow Users access to other Internet websites (hereinafter, ‘Linked Sites’). In either case, and where applicable in regards to these Linked Sites, GABRIELA MOLL shall simply provide intermediation services pursuant to article 17 from the Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce (LSSI) Act 34/2002 passed on 11th July and therefore, they shall only be responsible for any contents and services supplied by the Linked Sites for failing to remove any links in a diligent manner after being effectively notified of their illegality. Should Users detect any illegal or inadequate contents in any of the Linked Sites, they must notify GABRIELA MOLL who shall carry out all relevant investigations in order to remove or disable, where applicable, the relevant link. Under no circumstances shall the presence of a Linked Site either imply any agreement with those responsible for or owners of the website linked, nor that GABRIELA MOLL endorses, promotes or share the views expressed in the statements, contents or services provided by that website. GABRIELA MOLL has no knowledge of the contents or services provided by Linked Sites since these are being constantly updated and modified. Therefore, they shall not assume any liability for any damages caused by any potentially illegal, poor quality, outdated or unavailable, erroneous or ineffective contents and/ or services provided therein, or any other damages related thereto that are not directly attributable to GABRIELA MOLL.

4.4 user’s responsability.

Users hereby acknowledge that they are exclusively responsible for using the Shop in conformity with this Privacy Policy, thereby holding GABRIELA MOLL exempt from any liability of any kind, claim or complaint, including legal representation fees, regardless of whether these were mandatory, that may be filed by any third party due to or arising from their behaviour or connection to this Website, the contents offered herein, or their breach of this Privacy Policy, or any further breach of third party rights.

4.5 General liability limitations.

Users explicitly accept and acknowledge that GABRIELA MOLL shall not be held responsible for any direct or indirect, extraordinary or incidental damages, including but not limited to, loss of earnings, data or other intangible losses (including cases where GABRIELA MOLL had notified them regarding these potential losses) arising from: (i) use or inability to use the Shop (ii) cost of replacing any goods as a result of any transaction carried out at or through the Shop, (iii) unauthorised access or alterations to the transmission of their details, (iv) sharing or transmission of personal details by User or any third parties without authorisation from GABRIELA MOLL, or (v) any further circumstances. Likewise, we hereby expressly state that GABRIELA MOLL shall provide no explicit or implicit guarantees concerning the interruption of access to the Shop, the absence of errors and virus, its punctuality, security, accuracy, trustworthiness, or any other aspect, including the requirement to ensure the safety of any content in any manner. Users hereby accept that this Privacy Policy may be subject to modifications that shall be adequately advertised within the Shop.

5. Personal data protection.

GABRIELA MOLL shall process your rights to privacy as effectively as possible in order to ensure that you may browse their website with total peace of mind. Therefore, and pursuant to the stipulations included in the Data Protection Act 15/1999, Users are hereby informed that any details gathered through the Shop’s data collection forms shall be included in an automated personal data file under the responsibility of GABRIELA MOLL. Your details shall be processed by the company in a confidential manner and for the sole purpose of managing the relationship between the firm and its customers and/ or users, as well as to promote and/ or market GABRIELA MOLL’s products. Likewise, GABRIELA MOLL shall cancel, delete and/or block the above details when these are inaccurate, incomplete or no longer necessary or relevant for their purposes, in conformity with the stipulations included on personal data protection legislation. By clicking on the ‘send’ button provided in the corresponding form, Users provide their express consent to allow their personal details to be used in the supply of the services they are requesting, as well as allowing GABRIELA MOLL to send them marketing communications by email or any other means. Users may receive marketing communications after providing their consent for that purpose. Users may also revoke their consent to receive marketing communications at any time. Users may also revoke their consent and shall be entitled to access, rectify, cancel and oppose the storage of their personal details at any time, by contacting us at the address stated in clause 1. GABRIELA MOLL has adopted all security levels required by Act 15/1999, passed on 13th de December on Personal Data Protection in addition to the Royal Decree 1720/2007, passed on 21st December, approving the regulation’s governing act. Furthermore, GABRIELA MOLL has internal privacy and personal data processing policies in place that are intended to ensure the adequate protection levels for all personal details provided by Users pursuant to current legislation. Notwithstanding the foregoing, technical security in a media such as Internet is not impossible to breach, resulting in leaks due to third party’s fraudulent actions. Processing of personal details is subject to the principle of quality and purpose of the details gathered. Therefore, GABRIELA MOLL shall only request the strict details required to effectively provide the services requested by Users via their Shop. In regards to User’s own personal details that may be provided for any reason to GABRIELA MOLL during their Shop browsing, Users are hereby advised that they must have all the relevant authorisations in place pursuant to current legislation in order to share these with or transfer these to GABRIELA MOLL. In these regards, Users shall remain solely responsible for obtaining all authorisations for those involved, pursuant to the procedures established by law, and holding GABRIELA MOLL fully exempt in these regards towards both the User and any third parties. User hereby acknowledges and accepts that, in regards to the details provided, they shall hold GABRIELA MOLL exempt from any liability arising from contingencies taking place when sharing or transferring personal details. Any personal details gathered by GABRIELA MOLL in this manner shall be analysed to establish whether their processing is lawful and in line with GABRIELA MOLL’s business. GABRIELA MOLL shall cancel, delete and/or block the above details when these are inaccurate, incoherent, useless, incomplete or no longer necessary or relevant for their purposes, in conformity with the stipulations included on personal data protection legislation without having to notify any Users involved or who have provided these regarding this circumstance. In regards to personal details provided for recruitment purposes, GABRIELA MOLL hereby informs candidates who have voluntarily sent their details to take part in any recruitment process that these shall be stored in a file under GABRIELA MOLL’s responsibility. You may contact GABRIELA MOLL in order to execute your right of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition. GABRIELA MOLL’s website uses Cookies for the purposes of streamlining the services offered by the Shop when Users or visitors browse their web pages by identifying each of them as soon as possible. Cookies are automatic data collection procedures that gather information concerning each user’s specific preferences during their visit to a specific website. This information is recorded into small files that are saved to User’s corresponding IT equipment in an almost undetectable manner. Each time Users return to the website in question, these files are automatically enabled to configure the website with the preferences indicated in previous visits. Ultimately, Cookies are physical personal information files stored in User’s own terminal and unequivocally linked to their IT equipment. However, Cookies are exclusively associated to anonymous users and they do not allow access to any personal details, hard drive data belonging to User or visitors, and they cannot read Cookies created by other IT society service providers. Users may set-up their browser settings to avoid the creation of Cookies or to advise them when this happens. Although our website can still be accessed without enabling the options concerning Cookies, this may prevent the correct operation of security devices in place for exclusive or specific services that require further security. As a general rule, the purpose of Cookies at our Shop is to facilitate User’s browsing.

6. GABRIELA MOLL on-line product sale services.

In regards to the product purchasing services provided by GABRIELA MOLL via their Shop, Users are hereby informed that these services are affected by the Terms and Conditions for Use in force at the time when their orders are placed. Any personal details voluntarily provided by Users/ Customers to GABRIELA MOLL are required to deal with your request to dispatch the products ordered and, for this purpose, failure to complete these may prevent GABRIELA MOLL from supplying the services related thereto. In this event, we shall be exempt from any liability arising from a failure to fully or partially provide these services. These details shall be included in a file under GABRIELA MOLL’s responsibility, where Users are entitled to access, rectify, cancel and oppose their storage. Processing of personal details is required to manage GABRIELA MOLL product orders made via the Shop, as well as to bill and maintain your order history. Further to the Information Society Services and Electronic Mail Act 34/2002 passed on 11th July, we hereby inform you that by using this service, you shall be able to purchase and receive any products offered at and requested via the Shop. Please read our shop’s Terms and Conditions for Use for further detailed information concerning the product’s contents, price, applicable tax, shipping costs as well as the different payment options. By confirming their orders when clicking on the Send button, Users imply their acceptance of the Terms and Conditions for Use applicable to the purchase of the requested products. For further information regarding our Product shipping options, please refer to the Terms and Conditions for Use currently in force at GABRIELA MOLL’s Shop or contact us either via email at info@gabrielamoll.com and/or by the telephone on (+34) 965472746.

7. Communication of illegal or inadequate activities.

Should Users become aware that the Linked Sites or pages containing links to the Shop include any contents or services deemed illegal, harmful, degrading, violent or contrary to public decency, they must contact GABRIELA MOLL in order to provide the following information:

  • Informant’s personal details: name, address, contact number and email address.
  • A description of the issues proving the illegal or inadequate character of the Linked Site or website linking to the Shop.
  • In the event of breaches including intellectual and industrial property rights, they should also provide personal details for the owners of the breached rights if those are different than the informant’s.
  • Likewise, they shall provide proof of the owner’s legitimate claim to those rights and, where applicable, proof of their authorisation to act on their behalf.
  • An express declaration confirming the accuracy of any information included in their complaint.

8. Legal notice concerning blog comments:

Users shall avoid posting or linking to any comments deemed as defamatory, racist, obscene, pornographic, offensive, promoting racial, ethnic, religious, homophobic or gender hate speech, including explicit violence or incitement to violence, or affecting privacy and/ or children’s rights. Users shall also avoid promoting political associations or parties with extremist, radical, racist and xenophobic views, or those that promote hate or incite to violence. Users shall also avoid acting against other people’s rights to privacy, honour, self image, dignity and against the protection of personal details. Users shall likewise avoid distributing and/ or using material that is in breach of intellectual property rights. Users shall avoid harassing, threatening and obtaining third parties’ private information and undertaking any actions aimed at obtaining other users’ passwords without their consent; sharing resources without the required security devices in place that are available to each operating system and/ or applications that ensure the security of your IT equipment and the network in general, destroying, manipulating or misappropriating information available on the Internet or belonging to other users. Users shall avoid using the website for the purposes of a) exclusively promoting another website, company, blog or link affiliation network; b) unsolicited provocation or unjustified disturbance to other users and readers; c) sending fake or false news. Users shall avoid creating multiple accounts to promote websites and taking part in discussions while pretending to be different people. Users shall avoid using any of the services offered for any purposes that are either illegal, harmful to third parties’ rights or interests or that may damage, disable, overload, impair or prevent normal operation of any services, IT equipment, documents, files and any other contents stored in this website. Failure to comply with these terms and conditions shall result in the removal and/ or editing out of any offensive text and the suspension of any services provided, temporary system blockage, including prosecution pursuant to Spanish and European legislation. GABRIELA MOLL shall report any breaches that may be considered an offence to the relevant legal authorities and national law enforcement agencies. With the purpose of improving their services, GABRIELA MOLL shall reserve the right to modify and update these terms and conditions without prior notice. GABRIELA MOLL may establish specific limitations to the use of their services with the aim of ensuring it remains operational and available while continuing to ensure the authentication, confidentiality and integrity of all information and communications. Users hereby acknowledge and accept that GABRIELA MOLL shall have no responsibility and shall not be held liable in the event of any messages or other communications being removed or that have failed to save, in addition to any contents maintained or broadcast via the services provided by them. GABRIELA MOLL shall be exempt from any liability for damages that may arise from access and subsequent manipulation of the information gathered via these services. Likewise, GABRIELA MOLL shall not be held liable for any issues arising from malfunction affecting any of its services, due to accidental failure, force majeure, required maintenance work or any other reason not attributable to the company. Our website users are fully aware of the above statements and they voluntarily accept them. If you wish to send us any comments or suggestions, you may contact us by email at: info@gabrielamoll.com and/or by phone on (+34) 965 472 746.

9. Applicable legislation.

By using this Website, Users accept this Privacy Policy as well as the Terms and Conditions for Use. In the event of any discrepancies arising from the use of this online Shop, these shall be construed in conformity with current legislation in force at the website owners’ location, i.e., Spanish legislation. Likewise, in the event of any discrepancies or controversies arising in regards to this Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions for Use and, in general terms, while using the Shop or any other services supplied by GABRIELA MOLL, Users hereby submit themselves to the courts of the city of Alicante and renounce any other jurisdiction that may correspond to them.

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